Update v0.5.0 featuring new conveyor tiles

Hey rocketeers! After launch I wanted to make sure the first update doesn't only fix some bugs, but also contains some actual new content as well.

I'm proud to announce the new update contains brand new conveyor tiles for you to expand your levels with.

I've added 2 new main levels to demonstrate some possible usages, but of course you are more than welcome to try out some of your own.
Alongside this new addition, there are also a couple of other improvements that have been implemented.
This is the full changelog:
- Added all new conveyor tiles
- Added 2 new main levels showcasing these new tiles
- Added editable descriptions to custom levels
- Added opaque color choice in ship editor
- Added choice for wall blaster orientation when multiple are possible
- Improved bullet animation
- Fixed bug where certain screens in editor would not fade correctly when exiting the editor
- Fixed bug where level with adjusted name would still have the same id as its last saved version
- Fixed bug where some editor screens would not be focussed/navigatable when opened through mouseless navigation


rocket-shipment-linux.zip 44 MB
Version 0.5.0 Feb 05, 2021

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