Update v0.8.0: Introducing powerups

Hey rocketeers,

Only a small update this time, but a cool one nonetheless.

Powerups has been something on my list for a long time and I wanted to give them a try.

This update features a very simple one: Life gain.

The added "life" powerup simply gives the player a life to a max of 5 total.

It can help to overcome harder parts in levels for example.

I do have other powerups in mind, but would like to try out this concept first.

Alongside this feature I have also added 2 more main levels that use it.

Have fun!


rocket-shipment-win.zip 86 MB
Version 0.8.0 Jun 22, 2021
rocket-shipment-linux.zip 44 MB
Version 0.8.0 Jun 22, 2021

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