Updated game page - What do you think?

As you might have noticed, I updated the game page!

I thought it was time to update the look and feel to (hopefully) attract some new followers. I'm not devoting a lot of my available time to marketing, mostly because the project is still in early development. However, I posted to the new community section of GameJolt and got a lot of responses and new followers there. It really made me think of how others view my game when they visit my pages. I now have quite some interesting content to show already and give people an idea of what my game will be. I guess sometimes as developer you lose touch of how your game looks to the outside world. Apparently I had a lot more interesting stuff going on than I initially thought, and people were already really anxious to play.

Anyway, I think the page now looks a bit more unified, maybe even more "professional"?

Tell me what you think of the new look! I'd love to know!

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