Devlog #042: Under the hood stuff

My work for the last 2 weeks might not be very rivoting. I've done a lot of less visible work for the level designer like:

- Disabling camera movement when a GUI screen is visible
- Disabling other GUI parts when pause screen is active
- Fixing GUI interaction issues during camera movement
- Making GUI in the level designer more clear
- Implementing unicode text input

I've now added a delete button to the load level screen. 
In case you want to delete a level you made before, this is how:

Furthermore I've dabbled with implementing zooming in and out in the level designer, but it proved very tricky and basically needed a lot of complex changes to keep the UI graphics stable.
If I need zooming for enything else I might implement it anyway, but for now the effort does not seem worth the gain, so I'm dropping it.

That's it for this small update.
Next on the list is implementing pop up screens for showing errors or other stuff, and then finally some gameplay programming!

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