Devlog #043: Flags and errors

I'm so happy to finally start work on gameplay.

I rounded up work on the level designer with creating some error screens when the user enters an invalid level name for example.
Here's how it looks:

I have a lot planned to work on regarding gameplay now.
I started adding flags to the platforms. The flags make the platform colors a lot clearer, plus it's a nice little heads-up that you found a platform when exploring.
At the top of this post you can see a small preview on how it looks currently while designing a level.

It may not look like much, but I've combined this change with a lot of preparing work for the crate/ship detection on platforms. 
Behind the scenes the game now recognizes and manages platforms, which by themselves know exactly which tiles are part of it.

Next on the list after crate detection is a crate delivery counter UI that tells the player how many crates still need to be delivered. 
A crate limit per platform is also on the list. This is a bit harder to implement cause I also want the player to be able to set this limit when designing a level theirselves.

I'm currently thinking about how to clearly let the player know the crate they just dropped is successfully delivered. Perhaps changing the color of the crate or something...

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