Devlog #048: Level selection

The biggest point on my to do list was this, a level selection screen.
It's not completely done. I still need to make a sort of switching functionality to switch between main levels and custom ones. But the biggest chuck of work for this is done!

I'm happy how it turned out, but I'm also curious what you think! Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me and this is horrifyingly ugly!
Please tell me what you think!

For showing the completion time I also started work on a savegame manager that saves and loads a save file for each completed level.
After finishing this I will move on to detecting level completion and saving progress!

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Looks good! Maybe instead (or as well as) numbers for the stage names, they could have actual names. I'm sure that'd be important for custom stages at least.


That's probably better indeed.

I already have everything in place to support that.

Will implement this first thing tomorrow!