Devlog #050: Multiplatform support and player feedback

While lots of games go into early access, they do not always make it easy for players to report bugs or give feedback. However, if you realize how important player feedback actually is, you should streamline this process as much as possible.

Keeping this in mind, I've added a feedback button to enable players to give feedback with only 1 click away.
Though opening a browser from the game code is not so hard, making it work cross-platform is. 
My long term plan was to release the demo only on windows first, and then figure out how to port to linux and mac. However, with this necessary feedback button in mind I wanted to explore multi-platform setups a bit sooner.
One thing led to another and now I've rebuilt my programming setup to support all main platforms, and implementing the feedback button in the process.

This means a lot of preparing work has already been done to enable releases on Mac and Linux and the demo will be released on all 3 operating systems! Yay!

While you process this awesome news, here's graphical progress I've made.
I've added an outline to the level preview window and made it possible to edit custom levels by adding a "Design" and a "New" button as you can see here:

This also means I removed the level designer button on the main menu, and replaced it with the feedback button:

I also added a success screen when completing a level! I still want to add some animation to it, but here's how it looks now:

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Good idea preparing everything beforehand for an easy multi-platform release. I'm looking forward to getting to give it a go :)


I'm giving all available time to getting the demo ready asap.

Will also improve the demo over time to make it a complete vertical slice of what the game will be.