Devlog #052: Lives and refuelling

After adding player death, player lives were next on the list.

The player automatically starts each level with 5 lives currently. When running out of lives, the game shows a failure screen as you can see here:

Next up was a fuel system. You'll start with a full tank of course, but throughout the level you'll need to refill or suffer the consequences.
An empty tank means no thrust, which means falling, which probably results in losing a life.
Refilling can be done through the use of fuel barrels. Grapple them like you would do with crates and refuelling automatically starts.
The fuel barrels weight and collision sound pitch change according to the fuel left in it.
Here's how this all looks:

I also made a small debug improvement for myself. Physics are hard to debug, so I thought it would be nice to be able to move objects around when debugging.
This is why I built this little functionality:

That's it for now.
I really need to update my trailer again, but I think I'll do some polishing first in some places.

See ya!

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