Pre-alpha demo release!

TL;DR: Demo is available through the Discord

Boy oh boy! I finally released something to the fans!

Yes it's only a demo. Yes it's pretty basic. What do you expect from a PRE-alpha demo? 
But man, it feels good to get something out there.

This pre-alpha demo is a small reward towards the discord followers that have been supporting me for so long. It's also a way for me to test my work on a small audience, iron out some bugs and detect what features are needed most while workind towards the full version.

I'll continuously improve the demo until I have a demo version that is suitable for everyone (including a small tutorial, a "coming soon" screen, etc.)
This final demo version will be published on the official itch, GameJolt and Steam pages.

That's the plan. I hope it will work out.

Here's some of the changes I've done while making the demo ready:

- Build 5 official main levels to play
- Add a little destruction animation for bullets:

- Adjusted resolution based zoom which could deform sprites a bit
- Fixed some editor related bugs
- Improved French and Japanese translations
- Implemented sound volume adjustment based on distance from player
- Implemented cursor hiding after a period of inactivity (only while playing levels)
- Added more logging for easier bug fixing later on

Join the Discord and come play!

See ya!

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