Devlog #056: First weeks of pre-alpha demo release

Oof, these weeks were hard!

Apparently releasing stuff comes with a lot of annoying bugs, who could have known?
One annoying bug I just could not solve at first. I spent a couple of days trying to track it down, until I finally was able to reproduce it.
I discovered this bugger was only present in the Release build, which I cannot debug. Eventually I found out how to create a Release build that CAN be debugged, and solved it that way.

All this took a lot of time, but hey, I learned something new!

Now that things have calmed down I'm getting into the feature side of things again.
I started off light with some polish here and there, like this wallblaster firing animation:

I also added some very basic levels and tweaked around some things for stability and to make the game feel better.

All in all I'm very happy I made the decision to do a pre-alpha release. It's amazing to have such a positive little community dedicated to help with development this way!

Want to join our little club? Here's the link!

Hope to see you there!

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