Devlog #065: Configurable gate speeds

Now that the demo has been out for a while I've been focussing on adding small features for both the demo and the full version.

I've added stuff like:
- A next level button after completing a main level
- Small random pitch shifts on collision sounds to make them more authentic
- A ghost preview of the selected object in the level editor

Now I can finally focus on the full-version-only features and can really start on that big v1.0 for Early Access.
The first feature I decided to pick up is extra settings for existing objects.
I just finished a speed setting for gates which you can see here:

Next on the list is a speed setting for the wallblaster!
Other planned stuff soon after:
- A moving enemy
- New level settings like number of lives, fuel starting level and background color

That's it for now! If you haven't tried the demo yet, please do!

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DEMO Linux 36 MB
Version 0.3.3b Oct 21, 2020
DEMO Windows 35 MB
Version 0.3.3b Oct 21, 2020

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