Devlog #011: Loading levels

So it's been a while.

The load level screen is coming along nicely. For now it only shows 2 possible levels to choose from, but the levels that are shown are actually fetched from the game folder and clicking will actually load the chosen level. The base of this screen is built, but needs to be extended.

I'm building all these UI parts in a reusable way. For example, the "load level" screen is using a GUI element called "Screen". This component is solely responsible for a screen-like background and a functional "close" button. It can also provide screen coordinates for other GUI components to use.
The list of levels is made using the "SelectionTable" element. This element is also used by the tile selector in the level editor screen. It is solely responsible for showing textures or other GUI elements in an organised way (with a predefined nr of columns).

For now this "SelectionTable" is programmed in such a way it will always fit it's contents in the defined bounds, resizing its contents if necessary.
I want to extend this element with an ability to enable scrolling, which would cause it to only limit itself to the defined nr of columns.

But before I dive into that, I will create a "save level" screen, which will have a (still to be created) input field and a save button.
The name of the level to be saved can be typed in the input field.

I have to see I really like being in control of everything in the engine! Even though it takes pretty long to get things done...

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