Devlog #028: Fixed cable length

I'm back from my break! Everything went well with my daughter's birth and we are incredibly happy with her.

As you can see I started working on the game again.
Previously the cable had the exact length needed when created. This means the cable will be created shorter, the closer you are to the crate. 
Normally as player I would expect the cable to always have the same length no matter the distance between player and crate, so this needed to be changed.

Alongside this change I have also introduced a minimum range in which you need to be before being able to spawn a cable.

The physical effect of the weight on the ship was too intense. It was really difficult to control the ship when the crate is attached.
The ship also starts to turn when the crate pulls harder, which makes everything even more unstable.

I have solved these problems by calculating and using the mass center of the ship, and attaching the cable to this instead of the sprite center.
I have also fine tuned the ships propulsion power and the pulling effect the rope has on the ship.

As you can see the result is a much better handling ship and more realistic physics.

Next I want to create a cable shooting animation when grappling a crate.

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