Devlog #039: Finished option menu

It was quite the journey! A boring one to watch, I'm sure...
After a lot of research and redesigning, I've finished the basic options screen. Most of the work was in the unbuilt systems I was creating settings for.  I did not have systems in place for music, sound, brightness, and window settings. So in parallel to the options screen, I was also creating these systems from scratch.

I've learned more about shaders (as you can see in the gif) and solved a lot of resolution problems, which taught me much.
I even implemented a "reset to default" button to restore the music, sound and brightness settings.

Now that this is finally out of the way, I can focus more on actual game content. I want to start creating the game rules and more mechanics. Also some new object and entities are in scope,

In short, some more exiting stuff is coming up! Keep posted!

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